MEN IN PRISON. The content of Authentic Manhood is already being using used with great success in prisons around the country. In our experience, 500 inmates on average elect to go through Authentic Manhood training using 33 The Series when it is offered. Our starting goal is to support 20 facilities. That equals about 10,000 inmates. We want to provide resources and coaching to chaplains and prison ministry teams. There are six volumes in 33 The Series, which means we need to raise funding to purchase 60,000 Training Guides. [GOAL: $900,000]

SALVATION ARMY ADULT REHABILITATION CENTERS. These centers help men with addictions using a highly successful strategy that is already pairing very well with 33 The Series. There are 23 ARCs in the Southern Territory alone. Each center will have 100 men on average going through their program at any given time. That equals around 2,300 men. We want to develop partnerships and provide training and resources, which means we need to raise funding to purchase 13,800 Training Guides. [GOAL: $207,000]


Learn more about our Phase One Goal to provide resources and training to 2,000 inmates. Click the GoFundMe Campaign link below.