It was a sad day in our family room, at least for me, when the plasma display I’ve owned since 2006 stopped turning on. Plasmas have been discontinued for a while now, replaced by the brighter and lighter, better for the environment LCD flat panel displays. But plasmas delivered these rich colors contrasted by beautiful deep blacks that LCDs, in my opinion, have yet to match. The question in this disposable electronics age is, “Do I repair it or replace it?” My techno-freak friends and I have our preferences and opinions on the subject, but this isn’t a consumer electronics review. I want to switch channels and talk about something with eternal implications, one thing in particular that can’t be repaired ... [READ MORE]

How do you see Jesus? A compassionate Good Shepherd? A meek and mild, even cuddly, Lamb of God? A well-manicured Bridegroom in a black tie and tux? Have you ever imagined the Man yet God, sweating in the sun as he homelessly walked on earth speaking unfiltered truth and fiercely going toe-to-toe against the leaders of religious oppression? Perhaps a better question is this: How do you prefer your Jesus? Do you like your Lion of Judah with or without claws? ... [READ MORE]