Fresh Bread Resources was founded by Tierce to produce, publish and distribute his songs, worship projects, talks and two best-selling musical dramas.

Before Fresh Bread Resources, it was Fresh Bread Music named after one of Tierce’s songs. The idea for Fresh Bread came while he was driving by Mrs. Baird’s Bakery in Fort Worth where the aroma of hundreds of loaves of bread being baked filled the air. Fresh Bread was a metaphor for Christ in us about living the kind of life that was appetizing and irresistible. As the song says, it’s “what empty hearts have been hungry for.”


In 1986, Tierce produced two unplugged collections of his songs created on a 4-track analog recorder. He did all the guitars and backup vocals in the living room of his condo in Arlington, Texas. The titles of these two living room tapes were Fresh Bread and Dangerous. They were simple and raw. They captured Tierce’s unique guitar style and his passionate lyrics.

UNUSUAL MARKETING: Cassette tapes were offered for $5 each, or "whatever you can afford."

AN UNUSUAL COPYRIGHT NOTICE: © Fresh Bread Music, 1986 / Unauthorized reproduction of this cassette will be considered a compliment and is greatly appreciated.


Before the living room tapes, Tierce recorded two vinyl LPs. Something to Hold was released in 1976. It was recorded just two years after Tierce put his faith in Jesus Christ. That record contained the first songs that Tierce wrote as a follower of Christ. He wrote other songs prior to that out of his religious experience, but these new songs were the real deal written as a true follower of Christ. Not the Way I Used To Be was released in 1979.

There were no record deals for any of Tierce’s solo projects. He considered himself to be an okay singer and a pretty good songwriter. He was reluctant to call himself a concert artist. The songs he wrote were secondary to the messages he taught.



In 1988, Tierce was asked to sing backup on one of his songs that was being recorded by another singer and produced by Randy Adams at Future Audio in Dallas, Texas. Randy is now a world renowned producer and sound engineer. Back in the day, he played bass guitar for a group called Dallas Holm & Praise. (Remember the song, Rise Again?)

Randy was a big fan of Tierce’s living room tapes with their unplugged southern rock vibe. He encouraged Tierce to come into the studio and make a record. Several of the musicians and background singers were from the old Dallas Holm & Praise band.

Tierce recorded four CDs with Randy at Future Audio and at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas: Glow In The Dark (1988), Are You Serious? (1990), Outside These Walls (1996) and Blameless Heart (1998).

All of the songs on the first three CDs were written by Tierce and all but four on the Blameless Heart project.


The last piece of the musical pie offered by Fresh Bread Resources was inspired by Randy Adams. This was back in the early nineties when a lot of student groups used drama to present the Gospel. Randy noticed some common threads running through Tierce’s songs and suggested taking some from the Glow In The Dark CD, writing a script and producing a youth musical drama.

Vocal arrangements were written for youth choir. Tierce and his wife Dana created the script. The story was about being friends with people outside the church and pointing them to Jesus—being a light in the world. The title of the CD became the title of this first musical drama: GLOW IN THE DARK.

GLOW IN THE DARK was released in 1992. A second musical drama called ARE YOU SERIOUS? was produced in 1993 which took songs from the Serious CD. This one was a story about making our faith real at school and at home.

There were publishing offers for both projects, but Tierce declined and chose to publish them himself. Glow In The Dark was in the Top Ten of The Church Music Report for seven months, peaking at number two. Are You Serious? was in TCMR’s Top Ten for seventeen months, also peaking at the number two spot. Not bad for homegrown, self-published and self-distributed projects!

In 1998, Tierce recorded BLAMELESS HEART,  a worship project with an accompanying book that included optional drama sketches. The musical scores were arranged by J. Daniel Smith. Musicians from the Dallas Symphony were used on several of the bigger songs. Brass and string charts are still available upon request. This was the first project that was not completely written by Tierce. He wrote eleven of the songs and included four more from other writers.


Around 1996 with the release of Outside These Walls, Tierce began to experience a shift in the focus of his ministry. He was scheduling far more speaking events that didn’t necessarily include singing or leading worship.

Churches invited him to outline some strategic moves to help them be more relevant in the community and in the world. Using Outside These Walls as a theme, Tierce taught them how they could adapt to reach people outside the church and to do it without dressing up or watering down the message of Jesus.

The idea of transitioning and refocusing was welcomed by some and irritating to others. Tierce had little patience with churches that were more concerned about maintaining a comfortable environment for those on the inside and expecting outsiders to adapt to them. That’s stale religion, not fresh bread.

For over 26 years, Tierce spoke at student camps, men’s events, college campuses, adult retreats and a variety of church-wide gatherings. He covered most of the states and did a few events in other parts of the world. His sweet spot was helping people understand that they didn’t have to always be at church to be the church. Bringing clarity to biblical principles and integrating faith into life has always been his mission.

In 2006 Tierce made another huge shift as God redirected him from years of traveling to being part of Woodlands Church, a church founded on the purpose of reaching people who have no church background, or a church background that was stale and meaningless. In 2013 he joined the team at a new church meting in a warehouse also in The Woodlands, TX.

In 2019, Tierce pushed away from the dock of a church staff and got into the boat of a new mission. He launched the Authentic Manhood Initiative to help build a global network of men reaching men with the principles of authentic manhood. His full time and attention is devoted to this initiative. [LEARN MORE]


From 2000 through 2005, Tierce wrote curriculum, Bible studies and articles for LifeWay, The North American Mission Board and Student Life.

Authentic Manood

33 The Series is a video series designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. Tierce is part of the teaching team along with Bryan Carter and John Bryson. It has been used to impact well over a million men worldwide in churches, homes, businesses, correctional facilities, locker rooms, military bases, and even on a space shuttle mission.