Created and Presented by Tierce Green

Fight Club contains 12 Rounds of critical content to help men fight for what matters most. Men are challenged to step into the ring and fight for things like character, margin, discipline, true brotherhood, purity, marriage and the good fight of faith.

Fight Club was created by Tierce Green for The Quest, a seasonal gathering of men in The Woodlands, Texas. Hundreds of men engaged each semester to discover God’s design for manhood, to learn how they could be better husbands, fathers and leaders in the community and around the world. The experience transcended the room with over 3,000 different men locking arms in The Quest over a seven-year period.

Fight Club can be easily adapted for small groups or mentoring relationships where the men watch the sessions on their own and then come together with their Training Guides to process the information together for accountability. The original format was a six and six split taught in a large group venue over two semesters.


The Leader Kit contains one Training Guide and a 6-Disc Set with DVD videos, mp3 audio files and digital video files for download. There is also a Leader Resources disc with teaching manuscripts and media files for live presentations. This gives you several options:

  • You can teach the content live

  • You can show the sessions on DVD in a large or small group venue

  • You can share the digital video files and audio files for men to watch or listen on their own and then huddle up with their Training Guide to process what they are learning.

The 106-page Training Guide provides outlines for notes and a section for men to build a personalized Fight Plan. Every man who participates in Fight Club needs a Training Guide.


Round 1: 5 Rules & 5 Promises

Round 2: Why Men Need To Fight

Round 3: Our Common Enemy

Round 4: Character

Round 5: Margin

Round 6: Money & Possessions

Round 7: Discipline

Round 8: Brotherhood

Round 9: Purity

Round 10: Marriage

Round 11: Legacy

Round 12: Faith